Mail-In Servic

Screen Replacements, Charging Ports, iCloud removal, IC Chip replacement, We do it all!

Our Mail-In Service offers our statewide and international customers an easier way of having their devices repaired. With years of experience our high trained and skilled technicians will have your device ready within three days of receiving your device! We do daily repairs on several types of phones, tablets, computers, laptops, game consoles. We repair Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Windows, Nokia, Sony, HTC, and many others.

Here at EZ Fix we do all the laborious work other repair places won't do. With five Different store locations and counting currently in the Northwest. Our fully trained professionals have experience working across operating systems and with different manufacturers. There is no phone we cannot repair and no glitch we cannot fix. Not only will your phone be back up and operational quickly, we also offer a 90 day guarantee.

Services Offered:

  • iPhone 6/6+ Long Screw Repair $75
  • Data recovery $65
  • iPad Charging port Replacement $65
  • General Logic Board Repair $65
  • Blown Component Repair$65
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus Touch Disease repair $65
  • iPhone Backlight/dim light repair $65
  • iPad iCloud Removal $65
  • Google Account Removal $55
  • iPhone FTC Replacement $55




Business Discounts available. For all other questions regarding prices or services email us at for more information.

Mail-In Steps:

1. Email for a quote on your repair.


2. Print and complete forms.


3. Mail-In your device.

Make sure both forms are completed and mailed along

with your device.

Mail your device to

EZ Fix Smartphone Repair

1733 George Washington Way

Richland, Washington

99354, USA

4. Device Verification

5. Pay for repair



Once your device has been received you will receive

an email from EZ Fix Smartphone Repair to confirm we have received your device.

After your device has been repaired and is ready to be

shipped you will receive an invoice to your Paypal. As

soon as your payment is received your device will be

be mailed to you.

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